Getting to know the benefits of microlearning

Getting to know the benefits of microlearning

Microlearning and micro courses aren’t areas of education that everyone has heard of, which is why we’re often asked to explain some of the many benefits of microlearning.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits that people can enjoy on a microlearning course.

Learners get to grasp each objective one step at a time

With every microlearning course, people are clear about what they will be able to do or what they will know once that training is complete.

Microlearning allows people to learn and overcome only one objective per module, which means that each person clearly understands and absorbs the necessary information before moving on.

Microlearning empowers the learner

Learning on an objective, or step-by-step basis, allows learners to take a greater level of control over their education and provides flexibility that is rarely afforded in other types of education.

What’s more, as microlearning through online courses allows for accessibility across all kinds of devices, learners are able to access information and media wherever they might be, and at a time that is convenient for them.

The courses are designed and organised in such a way that individuals need not invest a vast amount of time into it, which are ideal for those commutes or lunch breaks.

Furthermore, if a person only has a short period of time where they are able to learn, microlearning offers the perfect solution for people with tight schedules as they are topic specific.

Microlearning is simply more efficient

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning on a step-by-step basis actually improves learning efficiency by 17% over traditional environments for education.

This improvement is specifically down to the fact that:

  • Microlearning is more accessible
  • The courses are focussed
  • Digestion is easier
  • Objectives yield more takeaways – in other words learners take away more learning points to apply into their jobs or lives.

Microlearning improves comprehension

We all know that it’s easier to digest and understand information when it is provided to us in bite-size chunks, and microlearning proves this.

Businesses are able to prioritise training and learning

When it comes to staff training, businesses are able to reap a range of fantastic benefits from microlearning courses.

For organisations with limited budgets (or time), microlearning through e-learning and online presentations mean that less resources need to be organised and staff time is utilised more effectively.

Micro learning can be presented in a number of ways such as engaging videos, infographics and e-learning to name a few.

If you want to know more about how microlearning could help you or your business, check out our contact page.

Posted on Aug 19, 2019

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