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Take Control of Your Personal Safety with KMF’s Intensive Self-Defence and Personal Safety Programme

Learn lawful UK Self-Defence In just 6 weeks

Our self-defence and personal safety programme equips you with the skills to protect yourself and others. In just 6 weeks, you will learn self-defence techniques and methods to help you to use reasonable force in self-defence situations (you will need to attend all 6 sessions to be taught all of the techniques). Our qualified level 3 self-defence instructors have many years of experience from the military and police service, enabling them to provide you with the best training.

What does it mean to have a KMF CPD certificate? Learn more about KMF CPD and our training company status.

Why Self-Defence and Personal Safety Training?

Chris Vaines Teaching

KMF’s ethos has always been to help people to keep moving forward. The existence of KMF was born as an extension of wanting to help people. From the age of 16, Chris, our company Director has spent his entire working career serving the public from the Army to the Police service. Setting up KMF Training was a way for Chris to continue helping people, through education and training in skill sets acquired by Chris and the rest of the KMF team.

We feel there is a need for this type of training for members of the public and people working in specific sectors, people who want to learn the skills of self-defence but do not want to sign up for long-term martial arts classes. To that end, we have devised 3 main self-defence programmes which are open to absolutely anyone.

Our instructors

Our instructors are all qualified Level 3 Self-Defence Instructors with many years of experience in the military and police service. They will provide you with safe, professional instruction, helping you to build your confidence and learn the skills you need to stay safe. We also offer a nurturing environment where people can feel safe to learn these skills.

Our instructors are also approved Self-Defence Instructors by the National Federation for Personal Safety.

Chris Vaines

Chris Vaines Award

Chris is the Director and National Learning and Development Consultant at KMF. He has over 20 years combined experience as a Soldier, Police Staff Member and Police Trainer. In all these roles he was trained in various defensive tactics which he has been employed to use in real-world situations. In addition to this, Chris was nominated for 3 National Policing awards for training and won the Leaders in Action Award for his training achievements, one of which was in the field of Personal Safety.

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