Digital Design and Virtual Delivery

This course focuses on the practical design and development of digital learning. As an instructional designer, trainer, or developer, it is good to have processes to adhere to when designing for digital learning. The ability to create coherent storyboards for stakeholders and developers to view and understand is essential to achieve the ‘green light’ to go ahead and develop the learning piece. This course will look at the creation of storyboards, the concept of authoring tools common e-learning interactions which is useful for Instructional designers and trainers to know. 

This course also looks at how to use virtual training software to enable you to deliver webinars. It focuses on the common functionality of virtual training software and the principles of use and the people who could be involved in the process of design and delivery. 

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Course Audience


This course is for anyone working, or looking to work, in the further education sector, either in educational institutes or part of a learning development team in an organisation. Specifically, this course is for: Trainers, Digital learning developers, People responsible for learning in their organisation, Freelancers – wishing to create digital learning as a business, Instructional designers and anyone aspiring to do any of the above.

Course Duration


1- 2 hours

Course Topics


Storyboarding Storyboarding for e-learning Storyboarding tutorial e-learning interactions Introduction to webinars Running/hosting webinars Roles involved in webinar design and delivery Webinar functionality

Course Price


£18.00 inc VAT

Learning Objectives:

  • Storyboarding
  • Storyboarding for e-learning 
  • Storyboarding tutorial
  • e-learning interactions 
  • Introduction to webinars 
  • Running/hosting webinars 
  • Roles involved in webinar design and delivery
  • Webinar functionality

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