KMF Level 3 Self – Defence and Personal Safety

This course is completed as a blended learning approach. You will be enrolled on your digital learning modules which can be completed anywhere and at your own pace. You will also attend the classroom sessions which will run for 6 weeks. These sessions focus primarily on learning and practicing self-defence skills.

It includes the main subject areas of Personal Safety Awareness and Understanding Reasonable force which includes the law around self-defence. This course also includes modules on Situational Awareness and using NLP techniques for self-defence.

X 6 Sessions of Self-defence skills training

To secure your place on the Level 2 or 3 course please select the 'Day 1' date for your chosen cohort. You will be taken to a Booking Page where you can choose to book the first date to secure your place on the course (and then you have the option to pay weekly when you attend your lessons) or you can choose to pay for the course in full at a 10% discount.


Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Shaw Lane Sports Club (Shaw Suite), Shaw Lane, Barnsley, S70 6HZ

There is car parking available at the venue.

Course Dates

When you pick your Day 1 date you will then attend that day each week for your 6-week sessions.

Choose Your Date

Module 1: Personal Safety Awareness

  • Introduction to Personal Safety
  • Handling Aggression
  • Be safe in your own home
  • Safe Travelling
  • Take care in the car
  • Walking the Dog
  • Safety for Students
  • Having a safe night out
  • Simple self defence
  • Self Defence or martial arts
  • The Legal Questions

Module 2: Understanding Reasonable Force

In this module you will cover the following:

  • Introduction to Understanding Reasonable Force
  • Hierarchy Of Law
  • What the Law allows; how far you can go
  • What Laws govern the use of Physical Force in the UK?
  • What does Reasonable mean?
  • Necessity
  • Necessity: Law Enforcement
  • Proportionality

Module 3: Situational Awareness

In this module you will cover the following:

  • How soldiers and the police service use situational awareness
  • How situational awareness can help you
  • Techniques to enhance your situational awareness
  • How to remain actively aware of your environment and surroundings
  • Staying attentive to changes in your environment
  • How to practice mental exercises that help enhance situational awareness
  • How to recognise the warning and danger signs of a potentially violent person
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Tactical Muscle Relaxation

Module 4: Tactical Muscle Relaxation Exercise

Participate and practice tactical muscle relaxation exercise to train yourself in how to relax and stay calm in stressful situations.

Module 5: Using NLP for Self-Defence

In this module you will cover the following:

  • A brief introduction to NLP
  • The map is not the territory
  • NLP Techniques
  • NLP Communication in defence scenarios
  • Conflict Management and NLP
  • Physical skills and self-defence

Module 6: Lone Working

In this module you will cover the following:

  • The Risks of Lone Working
  • The Laws & Guidance
  • Can You Predict Violence?
  • What Can Be Done To Keep Lone Workers Safe?
  • Interview with legal experts
  • Using Appointment Scheduling & Tracking Tools

We have gathered information and resources from various subject matter experts in the field such as Expert Witnesses who give evidence on the use of force in court cases, to legal experts.

In addition to this, the self-defence instruction we provide is based on sound research which will enable you to use your body’s natural reaction to threats and to protect yourself safely and legally.

On completion of the training, you will receive a KMF CPD Certificate of completion. For companies who wish to send their staff on this training, we can complete observation assessment forms and data sheets which demonstrate the learning that has been completed.

Fitness levels

You do not have to be extremely fit or have any kind of self-defence or martial arts background.

What practical self-defence will you learn?

Using specific teaching methods, combined with theory skills training, you will learn practical self-defence techniques in just 6 weeks, which you can call upon at a moment’s notice without having to try and recall complicated techniques. The course is perfect for people who want to learn lawful, practical self-defence but do not want to commit to a long-term martial arts programme.

The Importance of Learning Self-Defence

Whether it’s for personal development, increased confidence, or job requirements, learning self-defence can be a life-changing decision. It's a skill that can help you feel empowered, and secure, and give you the ability to protect yourself in unexpected or dangerous situations.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

One of the primary reasons people learn self-defence is to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem. Learning to protect oneself builds a sense of security in social situations, which translates into greater self-esteem and confidence. Knowing that you have the skills to handle and avoid potentially harmful situations instils a sense of power both physically and emotionally.

Job Requirements

Many occupations require specific skills and training in self-defence. However, some jobs may require these skills but do not provide training to their staff. These jobs could include teachers, social workers, healthcare workers, and more. These courses provide the necessary skills and confidence needed to perform job duties safely, calmly, effectively and legally.

Audience: This course is aimed at anyone who would like to learn the principles of self-defence, your own personal safety and what the law says around using reasonable force to protect yourself. You will also learn protective skills such as Situational Awareness, using NLP in self-defence and an entire module on lone working in a personal safety context. The course is open to any member of the public who would love to learn self-defence but does not want to commit to a long-term martial arts programme.

If you work in an organisation where you work in a public facing role and potentially have occasions where you have concerns for your personal safety, this programme is for you. As an example, this course may suit individuals in the following roles although this is not an exhaustive list:

  • NHS Staff
  • Local Government Staff
  • Social Workers
  • Housing Officers
  • Teachers
  • Pharmacy Staff
  • Retail Workers
  • Drivers

Although we recommend certain professions for this programme, this course is open to anyone.

You will learn how to defend yourself in just 6 weeks. This programme is completed online and at one of our training venues.

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