Level 3 Award in Education and Training RQF (Online)

A New Way to Obtain Your Level 3 Award in Education and Training Qualification

Experience a new way of getting your Level 3 Award in Education and Training through an online course that offers video tutorials, a readily available tutor through accessible contact buttons, a mobile-responsive platform, and virtual reality elements to enhance learning. This course is perfect for those who want to earn a nationally recognised qualification or those who want to upskill as trainers.

The first element of our Level 3 Award in Education and Training qualification course that sets it apart is the engaging video tutorials. We know that learners need to be engaged to maintain their focus and attention during the learning process. With our video tutorials, we have ensured that each topic is presented in a manner that is easy to understand, logical and interesting.

The next feature of the course is that it includes an accessible contact button for easy communication with your tutor. As a learner, you may have questions or require assistance during the course, and we believe in providing our learners with easy and seamless communication with their tutor. No more struggling to find contact details, wondering about reply times, or standing in line to ask questions! Our team of professional and experienced tutors are always available to help you with any questions or challenges you may face.

Our platform is designed to be easily accessible from mobile devices, giving you the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you want. You can now watch, listen, and learn using your mobile or tablet instead of being limited to your desktop. This improves the convenience, accessibility, and overall enjoyment of your learning experience.

To make the learning experience more engaging and relevant, we have incorporated virtual reality elements into the course. Research has shown that using technology like VR helps learners to retain what they have learned and to recall key concepts. VR enhances the learning experience by giving the learner a more authentic and immersive experience. Our VR elements are designed to help learners to embed the learning in their long-term memory. Don’t worry, you do not need a VR headset to use this feature.

If you want to become a better trainer and achieve a Level 3 Award in Education and Training, this course is designed for you. Our course offers engaging video tutorials, an easy-to-reach contact button, a mobile-friendly platform, and innovative VR elements. We want to make sure that your learning experience is convenient, accessible, enjoyable, and effective. Don't miss this chance to earn a recognised qualification that can help advance your training career!

Take a look at what the course looks like

KMF Training are based in the Digital Media Centre

What’s included in the course?

  • Content written by KMF Training, industry professional in various aspects of education and training
  • Modules can be completed at your pace, anywhere, anytime*
  • Over 40 custom developed videos of narrated learning content
  • Transcriptions for all video tutorials
  • Downloadable resources for you to use and keep
  • A fully supported course hosting site (we will handle access and password resets etc)
  • 6 months initial access to the course**
  • A dedicated course assessor
  • Online support via dedicated accessible contact buttons
  • A nationally recognised Ofqual approved certificate for the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (providing you have successfully achieved the requirements)
  • Awarding organisation registration and certification fees with Highfield Awarding Body
  • Plus bonus courses and no additional cost

*Online content requires an internet connection.
**6 months standard access will be provided to you. Based on the initial assessment, Individual Action Plan or other learning needs, this could be extended.

What will I cover?

The course content will cover the following units:

  • Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training.
  • Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training.
  • Understanding assessment in education and training.

How will the course be assessed?

This course will be assessed by a portfolio of evidence and an observed micro-teach session. All evidence is assessed and quality assured by experienced and qualified staff.  As part of the course you will need to complete a micro - teach session. This will demonstrate your ability to deliver training to learners and to create the required documentation to support this. The micro - teach session can be recorded and sent to us for assessment. You will be provided with a private link to upload your video recording and the supporting documents (including your peer and self-evaluation forms) for the micro - teach. You will receive further guidance regarding this during the course.

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Course Audience


It is for anyone who wants to teach or train in the further education and skills sector, for example: • Adult & Community Education • Commerce, industry, public and voluntary sectors • Emergency, Public and Uniformed Services • Further, Adult Education and Sixth Form Colleges • Ministry of Defence/Armed Forces • Offender Learning • Private Training Organisations • Work-based Learning

Course Duration


The total qualification time for this qualification is 120 hours and of this 48 hours are recommended as guided learning hours (Online).

Course Topics


Roles and responsibilities in education and training, inclusive teaching and learning methods, understanding assessment

Course Price


£270.00 inc VAT

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.
  • Understand ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. 
  • Understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals in education and training.
  • Understand inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training.
  • Understand ways to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment.
  • Be able to plan inclusive teaching and learning.
  • Be able to deliver inclusive teaching and learning.
  • Be able to evaluate the delivery of inclusive teaching and learning.
  • Understand types and methods of assessment used in education and training.
  • Understand how to involve learners and others in the assessment process.
  • Understand the role and use of constructive feedback in the assessment process.
  • Understand requirements for keeping records of assessment in education and training.

Bonus Courses

We have included a number of bonus courses to help with your professional training practice. These course come to you as part of your purchase at no additional cost.

The F.E.W Concept©

The F.E.W Concept© was developed as a result of solving an educational problem. Therefore, this course explains what F.E.W concept is and the benefits it provides, as well as understanding the process of the F.E.W concept within a training context.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what F.E.W is.
  • State the benefits of the F.E.W concept in training.
  • State the skills required to implement the F.E.W concept.
  • Explore the process of using F.E.W in a training context.
Level 3 Award In Education And Training (RQF)

Training Project Development Cycle (TPDC)©

The TPDC© has been developed to factor in the elements when working on large-scale training projects. The model can be used and modified to meet the needs of most training projects. In this course, you will learn what the TPDC© is and its benefits.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the elements of the Training Project Development Cycle.
  • Identify the application of the cycle within a training project.
Level 3 Award In Education And Training (RQF)

The OVAL PART MODEL© for Remote Software Training

The OVAL PART Model is a process for considering each aspect of the training need, design and delivery of remote software training. In this course, you will learn how to apply the model in the work environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the elements of the OVAL PART model.
  • Understand the application of the model in the work environment.

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