Theories of Learning

In this module you will cover topics regarding theories of learning, and be introduced to several theorists which you might like to research further. 

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Course Audience


This module is aimed at people already in/or wanting a teacher/training role, or for individuals working towards a relevant qualification.

Course Duration


1 - 2 hours

Course Topics


How does learning occur?, Learning preferences, Fleming’s VARK, Honey & Mumford’s learning styles, Pedagogy and andragogy: Knowles, Retention of learning: Pike, Domains of learning: Bloom, Conditions of learning: Gagne, Sensory theory: Laird, Experiential theory: Kolb, Humanistic: Rogers, Behaviourism: Skinner, Cognitivism: Piaget, Constructivism: Vygotsky, Pragmatism: Dewey, Summary quiz, Reading list, Website list.

Course Price


£18.00 inc VAT

Learning Objectives:

  • How does learning occur?
  • Learning preferences
  • Fleming’s VARK
  • Honey & Mumford’s learning styles
  • Pedagogy and andragogy: Knowles
  • Retention of learning: Pike
  • Domains of learning: Bloom
  • Conditions of learning: Gagne
  • Sensory theory: Laird
  • Experiential theory: Kolb
  • Humanistic: Rogers
  • Behaviourism: Skinner
  • Cognitivism: Piaget
  • Constructivism: Vygotsky
  • Pragmatism: Dewey
  • Summary quiz
  • Reading list
  • Website list

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